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 void getIntPriority(int vec, int * pipl, int * pspl)


getIntPriority() retrieves the current priority and sub-priority for an interrupt and places them into the integer variables pointed to by pipl and pspl respectively. The interrupt is specified by vector not IRQ.

Return Value



There is no test for the validity of the pipl or pspl pointers. If either pipl or pspl are NULL a bus error exception will be raised.

Conforming To

getIntPriority() does not conform to any external API, it is unique to the chipKIT system.


 int priority, subpriority;
 getIntPriority(_TIMER_3_VECTOR, &priority, &subpriority);

See Also

attachInterrupt(), detachInterrupt(), clearIntEnable(), clearIntFlag(), clearIntVector(), disableInterrupts(), enableInterrupts(), getIntFlag(), getIntVector(), restoreIntEnable(), restoreInterrupts(), setIntEnable(), setIntPriority(), setIntVector()