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ChipKIT Fubarino Mini

chipKIT Fubarino Mini
Controller PIC32MX250F128D-50
Flash 128KB
Speed 48MHz
Designer Schmalz Haus LLC
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User Guide FubarinoMiniUserRefManual.pdf
Schematic FubarinoMini_v15_sch.pdf
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Board Files Github
Bootloader HEX Fubarino-Mini_USB_48MHz.hex
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The chipKIT Fubarino Mini is a breadboard form factor chipKIT board with a powerful PIC32 processor that can run Arduino sketches. The chipKIT Fubarino Mini uses the built-in USB peripheral of the PIC32 to both bootload new sketches as well as communicate with the PC (over a virtual serial port). The Fubarino Mini is a very small form factor board with a large number of I/O pins.

  1. The Board Design

    1. Useful Board Pins

      1. LEDs

      2. Analog Inputs

      3. Serial Objects

      4. I2C

      5. SPI

      6. Bootloader Button

  2. Bootloading

The Board Design

  • PIC32MX250F128D-50I/ML microcontroller, which includes 128KB Flash and 32K RAM
  • Supported as development target from within MPIDE
  • Max 33 I/O pins (normally 27)
  • Pads for 32 KHz crystal
  • CPU runs at 48MHz
  • USB connector for power, programming, and connection to PC (serial, mass storage, etc.)
  • Two buttons: RESET for resetting the board, and PRG for getting into bootloader mode and user application use
  • USB bootloader pre-programmed at the factory – no other hardware needed to program board
  • Separate ICSP connector – for hardware programming/debugging with PICKit3 or other ICSP programmer (not needed for use with MPIDE environment)

Useful Board Pins


USR_LED1 is on digital pin 1.

Power (PWR) LED is on 3.3V power.

Analog Inputs

Analog Input Digital Pin
A0 0
A1 3
A2 4
A3 5
A4 6
A5 7
A6 8
A7 9
A8 10
A9 11
A10 12
A11 13
A12 20

Serial Objects

Serial Object UART TX Pin RX Pin
Serial USB none none
Serial0 UART1 17 18
Serial1 UART2 26 25


I2C SCK pin is Digial 25, and SDA is Digital 26.


SPI SS is Digital 30, MOSI is Digital 29, MISO is Digital 27, SCK is Digital 4.

Bootloader Button

Bootloader Button (PRG) is on Digital pin 16, and you can use the constant PIN_BTN1 in your sketch to read this button.


When you want to upload a new sketch to the Fubarino SD board, you need to put it into bootloader mode. This is done by holding down the PRG button while pressing and releasing the RST button, then releasing the PRG button. This will reset the Fubarino SD, and engage the bootloader, which will create a virtual serial port over USB, and wait for MPIDE/UECIDE/Arduino to upload a new sketch. You can also trigger the bootloader from within your sketch.