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Quick Look
Hardware (External hardware)
Core Print.h

Print is an Internal Class used throughout various libraries such as HardwareSerial and SoftwareSerial as well as others.

  1. Detailed Introduction

  2. Full class usage

    1. Print

      1. Constants

      2. Public Functions

        1. getWriteError()

        2. clearWriteError()

        3. WRITE

          1. write(const char *str)

          2. write(const char *buffer, size_t size)

        4. PRINT

          1. print(const String &)

          2. print(const char[])

          3. print(char)

          4. print(unsigned char, int = DEC)

          5. print(int, int = DEC)

          6. print(unsigned int, int = DEC)

          7. print(long, int = DEC)

          8. print(unsigned long, int = DEC)

          9. print(double, int = 2)

          10. print(const Printable&)

        5. PRINTLN

          1. println(const String &s)

          2. println(const char[])

          3. println(char)

          4. println(unsigned char, int = DEC)

          5. println(int, int = DEC)

          6. println(unsigned int, int = DEC)

          7. println(long, int = DEC)

          8. println(unsigned long, int = DEC)

          9. println(double, int = 2)

          10. println(const Printable&)

          11. println(void)

          12. printf(const char *fmt, ...)

  3. External Links

Detailed Introduction

The Print Class is an Internal Class which provides functions used to assist in printing of various data formats as ASCII characters. This class would not typically be used directly from your Arduino Sketch.

Full class usage



Name Default Value Description
BIN 2 Binary Base
OCT 8 Octal Base
DEC 10 Decimal Base
HEX 16 Hexadecimal Base

Public Functions


  int getWriteError();


  void clearWriteError();


write(const char *str)
  size_t write(const char *str);
write(const char *buffer, size_t size)
  size_t write(const char *buffer, size_t size);


print(const String &)
    size_t print(const String &);
print(const char[])
    size_t print(const char[]);
    size_t print(char);
print(unsigned char, int = DEC)
    size_t print(unsigned char, int = DEC);
print(int, int = DEC)
    size_t print(int, int = DEC);
print(unsigned int, int = DEC)
    size_t print(unsigned int, int = DEC);
print(long, int = DEC)
    size_t print(long, int = DEC);
print(unsigned long, int = DEC)
    size_t print(unsigned long, int = DEC);
print(double, int = 2)
    size_t print(double, int = 2);
print(const Printable&)
    size_t print(const Printable&);


println(const String &s)
    size_t println(const String &s);
println(const char[])
    size_t println(const char[]);
    size_t println(char);
println(unsigned char, int = DEC)
    size_t println(unsigned char, int = DEC);
println(int, int = DEC)
    size_t println(int, int = DEC);
println(unsigned int, int = DEC)
    size_t println(unsigned int, int = DEC);
println(long, int = DEC)
    size_t println(long, int = DEC);
println(unsigned long, int = DEC)
    size_t println(unsigned long, int = DEC);
println(double, int = 2)
    size_t println(double, int = 2);
println(const Printable&)
    size_t println(const Printable&);
    size_t println(void);
printf(const char *fmt, ...)
    size_t printf(const char *fmt, ...);

External Links

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