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Controller PIC32MX795F512L
Flash 512KB
Speed 80MHz
Board Define _BOARD_PICADILLO_35T_
Manufacturer 4D Systems
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The Picadillo-35T is a 3.5” 320x480 resolution (Half VGA) Embedded Display Module with Resistive Touch, featuring the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L 32bit microcontroller, with Arduino™/ chipKIT™ style headers for easy attachment of shields, and compatible with UECIDE, MPIDE and MPLAB X Programming IDE’s, making this a brilliant display solution with open source software.
  1. The Picadillo-35T Design

  2. Libraries

    1. TFT

    2. Audio

    3. RTCC

The Picadillo-35T Design

The Picadillo-35T was designed with complete system control in mind. It features a 3.5” display along with a ton of GPIO, making it a perfect candidate for system control which demands a GUI or user interface.

The PIC32MX795F512L is a powerful 32bit microcontroller from Microchip, which has 512Kb of Flash and 128Kb of SRAM, runs at 80Mhz and is capable of 105 DMIPS. It features a PMP graphics port which is used to connect the on board 3.5” display, allowing for fast graphics fully controlled by the Users code. The same PIC32 is found on the popular chipKIT Max32 Development Board.

The Picadillo-35T has been designed to be programmed using the UECIDE IDE, which is based on the Arduino IDE however with various enhancements and improvements. It can also be used with MPIDE, or even using Microchip MPLAB X. Using UECIDE or MPIDE, the display module can essentially be treated as if it was a chipKIT MAX32 and programmed using the familiar programming language found on the Arduino/chipKIT.

The Picadillo-35T features an on board FTDI USB to TTL converter for programming and powering the display, along with an ICSP connection for using programmers such as the PICKIT3. It also features an on board microSD connector, on board audio amplifier and speaker, RTC oscillator, and headers in the layout of the popular chipKIT Uno32.

If you can program the Arduino or the chipKIT range of products, or you want to get started, this product is for you. It features the best of the microcontroller platforms, coupled with a 3.5" Display, Audio, microSD card and the familiar programming language.


The Picadillo-35T's embedded peripherals have full library support within MPIDE and UECIDE.


For ease of use the Cariad Display Library system has a specific driver especially for controlling the Picadillo-35T. This driver is highly optimized to give the smoothest and most responsive experience possible.


The audio is fully supported by the Aduino tone() function. There is also a PWM audio library available from Majenko Technologies:


The real-time clock and calendar, although not backed by a battery, can still be used for providing long period timing facilities. The interrupt signal generated by the alarm functionality can trigger events at much greater periods and with higher long-term accuracy than the normal high speed timers.