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 void shiftOut(uint8_t dataPin, uint8_t clockPin, uint8_t bitOrder, uint8_t val) 


shiftOut() utilises a pair of I/O pins to create a half-duplex synchronous serial interface. dataPin is set to represent one bit in the byte val and the clockPin is then toggled HIGH then LOW. val is then shifted either left or right and the operation repeated until all 8 bits have been transferred. The parameter bitOrder indicates in which direction the shift should occur and to which end of the byte the outgoing bit should be read from. Possible values for bitOrder are MSBFIRST or LSBFIRST.

This functionality works akin to the transmitting portion of a master SPI interface.

Return Value


Conforming To

shiftOut() conforms to the Arduino 1.6.x API.


 shiftOut(3, 4, MSBFIRST, val);

See Also

digitalRead(), digitalWrite(), getPinMode(), pinMode(), pulseIn(), shiftIn()