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Digilent Announces the OpenScope™ Project

Posted 2017-02-13 09:36:39 by Majenko


At the MASTERs conference recently, Digilent announced OpenScope™, a WiFi connected, 1 MHz, 2 channel, analog oscilloscope with a 1 MHz function generator and 10 channel logic analyzer. The user interface will be browser based, connecting directly to the OpenScope via the Digilent HTTP Wi-Fi server. The OpenScope utilizes the PIC32MZ2048EFG124 MCU and will be powered by USB power, or a battery when isolation is desired. The hardware is capable of being used as a UART, SPI, and I2C protocol analyzer.

OpenScope will be available from Digilent as a pre-programmed, standalone product. It will be fully open source, both hardware and software, and will be chipKIT compatible. Therefore OpenScope can also be used as a PIC32MZ development board. Digilent will provide the original OpenScope source code, along with schematics and hardware files. Documentation will be provided so that the code can be customized using the chipKIT ecosystem. An ICSP interface will also be included for use directly with MPLAB X IDE.