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UNO32 with Arduino Ethernet Shield

Created Thu, 08 Dec 2011 21:13:10 +0000 by Taygan


Thu, 08 Dec 2011 21:13:10 +0000

I have been using the arduino for quite some time and would like to purchase and start using the UNO32 but before I do i wanted to see what the latest status was on the compatibility between the UNO32 and lastest rev of ethernet shield. I believe i have the latest ardunio ethernet shield.

I realize there are already 2 threads going on this but neither of them have them have been updated in the last few months so I wanted to see if anything has changed.

So my first question is are there still hardware interface issues that remain, like needing to cut the reset line?

Lastly are there still software issues that remain? like with the newest uno32 build 20110907 (or is there a newer one) not compiling.

I would love to start using the UNO32 but as this is more of a hobby thing i don't really want to have to fight capatibility issues, would rather spend my time working out project issues.

Thanks for any response in advance,



Fri, 16 Dec 2011 17:35:53 +0000

I guess I should stick with the Arduino, doesn't look like I will get much help if I run into problems.

Thanks anyway,


Jacob Christ

Sat, 17 Dec 2011 05:49:43 +0000


I don't know how many people are using an Ethernet shield with an Uno32, but there are at least a few using the Max32 with the Network Shield.

I personally have gotten the web server working. No mods to the boards. I've even build custom hardware based on the two boards that combine there functionality and extend it with high voltage input and 0.5A sink or source outputs at rail voltages up to 24V. (



Sun, 29 Jan 2012 08:33:19 +0000


After long time searching for a solution I have found those topics: .../forum/viewtopic.php?p=1798#p1798 .../forum/viewtopic.php?p=1798#p1968

At first I have cut the reset trace on the Ethernet shield:

[attachment=1]25032012699_1.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=0]25032012699_2.JPG[/attachment]

But the webserver example starts work after replacing the jumper J4 to the left according this instruction:

Here is a full procedure to get Arduino Ethernet v5 shield working All this must be done:

  • cut reset trace on the shield as Gene and I described few posts above
  • remove SD card - not supported - MUST remove
  • set JP5,JP7(Uno32) or JP3, JP4 (MAX32) for Master
  • UNO32 only: set JP4 to the left RD4 position
  • use current IDE and libraries (rev 110822 at the time of this post)
  • make changes in \hardware\pic32\libraries\Ethernet\utility\w5100.cpp SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV32); // 2.5MHz SPI clock SPI.setDataMode(SPI_MODE1); This line is not needed for build 20110907 or higher
  • in the sketch set IP address to match your local subnet Again I tested it with MAX32 only, I don't have Uno32, but I am told it works with Uno32 after these changes Edit Sept 08: it appears newer build 20110907 corrected SPI mode issue Starting with build 20110907 correct should be SPI.setDataMode(SPI_MODE0);

Thanks Andy123 !