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Max32 board not recognized

Created Fri, 02 Oct 2015 00:56:58 +0000 by c0wt00


Fri, 02 Oct 2015 00:56:58 +0000


I'm having a problem with my Max32 board. I am unable to upload sketches to it as it doesn't show up in the COM ports.

I downloaded the latest version of MPIDE (150820) and am using windows 7 that has all the latest updates. I know it is not an issue with the board because it works fine on my laptop (windows 8.1).

When I plug it in nothing new shows up in my device manager and COM1 is the only COM port that shows up in the device manager or MPIDE but its like that whether or not I've plugged in the board.

Not sure what to do, I read the trouble shooting section on the site and there wasnt any info that pertained to this.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks


Sat, 03 Oct 2015 10:28:26 +0000

Have you tried with a different USB cable? Some USB cables that come with cheap chargers don't have data wires in them, only power. Also make sure you have installed the latest FTDI drivers from their website.