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MPIDE install on Raspberry Pi

Created Tue, 23 Jun 2015 01:53:56 +0000 by mboroff


Tue, 23 Jun 2015 01:53:56 +0000

I want to install mpide on a raspberry Pi. I do not have a lot of experience with the Pi. There are a lot of cook book instructions for getting them going and I have one running as a file server. I am going to install a second one to replace a very tired netbook. I want to do some development with a uno 32 from the pi. I have downloaded the tgz file to my pc but i am not sure what to do next. There are instructions for installation lynix posted should i follow those?


Tue, 23 Jun 2015 09:42:38 +0000

It's simple enough. First you need to extract the tarball to your home directory, which you do from a terminal.

Assuming the tarball is in your Downloads directory, type:

pi@pi:~$ tar -zxvf Downloads/mpide-blah-blah-blah.tgz

Of course, getting the filename right ;)

Then you have an MPIDE folder named similar to that tarball in your home directory. Open it as you would any icon, and in there is an mpide icon. That should be clickable to run mpide. If not you may need to set its permissions to allow it to run (right click may allow you to do that).

You will probably find MPIDE very slow on the Pi though. I'd recommend using UECIDE instead - the beta version is best for this - since it has a highly optimized compilation system which makes it compile much much faster. It also has a command line interface to it so you don't have to use the slow GUI.