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I2C and SPI0 simultaneously weird error

Created Thu, 05 Mar 2015 20:54:16 +0000 by madias


Thu, 05 Mar 2015 20:54:16 +0000

Hello, maybe I missed something, but my configuration isn't working. Some words about my setup: Board: Just say DP32 (PIC32MX250F128B) I use both SPI ports manually configured as I2s **(I2C!=I2s!!!)**with following pinouts (partially mapped): SPI1 Clock: RB14 SPI1 MOSI: RA4 SPI1 SS: RA0 SPI2 Clock:RB15 SPI2 MOSI: RB13 SPI2 SS: RB0 no refclock or MISO pins needed and disabled. For I2C I use the standard wire library in slave mode: SDA: RB9 SCL: RB8

So no pin conflict should be possible.

Both I2s DAC's working as expected, but starting I2C with Wire.begin(40); RA0 (SPI1 SS) [chipkit pin 9] giving a strange and disturbed 412kHz signal (normally 44.1kHz) and the DAC isn't working anymore. As a workaround I "hijacked" the SS pin from SPI2 for SPI1 and fortunately it is working. But I don't know why RA0 is not working when adding the wire library? Any suggestions? Edit: I mapped SS1 to RB4 and it worked and RA0 isn't giving any signal anymore (which is good). strange thing... Thanks Matthias