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UECIDE change log and release notes

Created Sat, 10 May 2014 19:11:25 +0000 by majenko


Sat, 10 May 2014 19:11:25 +0000

Change-log for version 0.8.5e

833c432 Fixed compile abort on sketch error

I bug in the compiler system meant that if the sketch (which is compiled first in the list) has an error the compilation continued right to the end resulting in the error being lost up the top of the output. It now aborts the compilation immediately the sketch compilation fails.

2a7cf68 Created basic sketch backup system

You now have the option to, when saving your sketch, to create a number of backup copies. The number (and the option) to save is in preferences, and if enabled, it keeps the last N versions of your sketch files in a "backup" folder inside the sketch. The backups are named <sketchname>-1 through to <sketchname>-N, with -1 being the most recent copy. At the moment it only backs up the files that are able to be edited directly by the IDE, so doesn't include sketch libraries, binary files, etc.

3b87588 Better default Linux sketchbook location

The Linux version now doesn't prompt for a sketchbook location the first time you start the program. Instead it now, like the other platforms, creates a "UECIDE" folder in your documents folder (/home/foo/Documents/UECIDE) for your sketches. Of course, if you already have a sketchbook folder elsewhere set up in the preferences.txt file, it will keep using that.

86f348b Removed the windows JRE from the repo

The JRE distribution is now stored online at This makes tarball downloads of the repository considerably smaller. The repository will also be pruned to remove the large files historically too.

3ade2a5 Added version.plist file generation

When compiling UECIDE outside of git (say from a downloaded tarball) the version information is not available. Now, if it's not being compiled inside git, the version information is obtained from a version.plist file. That file is updated automatically by the build script when compiled from within git.

23bbb97 Porting to FreeBSD

This is the start of an effort to port UECIDE cleanly to FreeBSD, including the ability to build and package it through the FreeBSD ports system.

518dbc9 Removed early jre version

There was a left-over large zip file of JRE 6 for windows hanging around in the Windows dist folder. It has been removed.