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Upload (mpide) Scetch from MPLAB. Posible?

Created Thu, 06 Dec 2012 18:43:31 +0000 by acmilangr


Thu, 06 Dec 2012 18:43:31 +0000

Hi. Before some days i created a topic about a problem i have on my custom pcb board with PIC32MX795L processor. Actually i can send bootloader from ICSP (using KITPIC3) but i canot upload any scetch from MPIDE (using rx/tx from FTDI USB)

So i am searching other solutions. By holding shift in mpide i found the temp folder that mpide creates, that have HEX file. Can i upload this file using mplab (any version) using kitpic3? if yes can you please tell me step by step how to do that?

also could someone tell me the differnce from debugger and programer?

please help me


Wed, 12 Dec 2012 18:47:56 +0000

There are a couple of potential issues:

Which bootloader did you load into your board? It's possible that you might have to modify the source code of the bootloader to customize it for your board before it can be expected to work.

I believe that you should be able to program a sketch into the PIC32 device the same way that you programmed the boot loader. Import the hex file into MPLAB, select the PICkit3 as the programmer, and then program. What happens when you try this?

In MPLAB, the programmer is just used for writing an image into the flash memory on the device. The debugger is used to program an image and then allow source level debugging of the code in that image. In order to debug successfully, the image to be debugged must be built for debugging. The debugger holds the target device in reset after programming and the code in the target device doesn't execute until you take some action in the debugger (e.g. step or run).

Gene Apperson Digilent