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Inspired by Arduino™

P-P-PIC up a TFT with chipKIT and DisplayCore

Posted 2017-02-13 09:32:53 by Majenko

Did you know that chipKIT boards are probably the best choice for controlling a TFT screen?... Considerably better than most Arduino boards, that is for sure! I say that with confidence for three reasons:

  1. chipKIT boards typically have far more memory and computing power than many Arduino boards, and as a result, they are so much better at manipulating graphics and data for display.
  2. chipKIT boards can get the data out to the TFT screen so much faster though high-speed interfaces, so less time is spent redrawing things on the screen. You'll find that images appear instantly, as opposed
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Running StickOS BASIC on a chipKIT board

Posted 2017-02-13 09:32:42 by Majenko

Have you ever wished you could examine and manipulate the pins and peripherals of your MCU interactively, while it was live and connected to your embedded circuit, rather than using just "reset and run" debugging? If so, StickOS BASIC may be for you! With StickOS BASIC, you can log in to your MCU using nothing but a terminal emulator, and then take full control of the MCU from a command-line, just as if you had an In-Circuit Emulator. StickOS can run either in "slave" mode, tethered to and controlled by a host computer as a glorified intelligent I/O port, or it can run in "master" mode, programmed in

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chipKIT Software SPI Library

Posted 2017-02-13 09:32:39 by Majenko

This article on chipKIT software SPI library is written by Gene Apperson, Digilent Inc.

At Digilent we have been working to extend the chipKIT software framework beyond its original Arduino-inspired roots. Recent enhancements enable the framework to be used with many different systems based on PIC32 MCUs. In order to support arbitrary hardware configurations, we implemented a general-purpose Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) library that does not rely on dedicated hardware peripherals. The Software SPI (SoftSPI) library allows the creation of any number of software based (bit-banged) SPI ports.

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a four wire synchronous serial

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chipKIT Lenny: Sneak Preview

Posted 2017-02-13 09:30:52 by Majenko


If you saw our post about the new chipKIT Lenny, and you're totally excited, we have more news for you! In advance of the production release, Majenko Technologies, originator and designer of the Lenny, is offering early access to this new board. You can purchase a limited edition, sneak preview of the Lenny before the production boards roll out. These boards are production-ready, just without the packaging. So get yours today!

For all the details, see [Majenko Technologies' chipKIT Lenny

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DIY chipKIT Board Using a Through-Hole SPDIP PIC32

Posted 2017-02-13 09:30:48 by Majenko


Certain varieties of Microchip Technology's PIC32 Microcontrollers are available in Small Plastic Dual In-line Packages (SPDIP). This packaging makes it very easy to build up your own chipKIT board at home using common tools found in the home hobbyist/Maker workshop. Other 32-bit platforms would require specialized equipment to solder their fine pitch packaging to a custom board.

This post will demonstrate how to build up a chipKIT Platform onto a solderless breadboard using a PIC32MX250F128B 32-bit Microcontroller and some readily available components.

[**NOTE: This application uses a voltage provided off of the USB line.

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