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Sparkfun USB Host mpide Error Help

Created Tue, 30 Aug 2011 02:42:06 +0000 by TaraNami


Tue, 30 Aug 2011 02:42:06 +0000

Hi, I am trying to use Sparkfun usb host board with the chipkit max 32, I am having an issue getting to work. I got regular Arduino to compile the code fine, but it get a huge error when I try with mpide. Any help out there? Can add the board to Arduino’s board list or some other fix?


Tue, 30 Aug 2011 02:45:07 +0000

Error running. In file included from C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\USB/avrpins.h:23:0, from board_qc.cpp:1: c:\users\username\desktop\mpide-0022-windows-20110822\hardware\pic32\compiler\pic32-tools\bin../lib/gcc/pic32mx/4.5.1/../../../../pic32mx/include/avr/io.h:4:2: error: #error ******** This sketch or library uses AVR-specific code that may not work with the chipKIT platform. See this forum for more information on porting code to chipKIT ******** In file included from C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\USB/hexdump.h:21:0, from C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\USB/Usb.h:35, from board_qc.cpp:5:


Tue, 30 Aug 2011 16:54:29 +0000

It appears that this library is including the AVR i/o header file. This indicates that this library probably contains AVR specific code. Any AVR specific code will have to be rewritten for this library to work.

Gene Apperson Digilent