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Compiler Output Stuck in a Loop

Created Wed, 17 Feb 2016 00:08:59 +0000 by FredCailloux


Wed, 17 Feb 2016 00:08:59 +0000

I've been using UECIDE for some time now and only twice I got this annoying behavior. On this particular example I am trying to compile a code from GitHub Superdroid called Encoder-Buffer-Breakout-master. When I try to compile the code UECIDE loop into an endless verbose output and get stuck in that loop indefinitely until I must close the whole window and restart UECIDE ( obviously empty then ). Grabbing the output text was somewhat of a challenge. I was able to put it in a text file ProcessorError.txt and the guilty code file DualEncoderBreakout.txt

Could that be a UECIDE bug ? How can we avoid the behavior ?

Thanks for your help


Wed, 17 Feb 2016 01:48:36 +0000

Nice. It looks like you have an Arduino version of the SPI library hanging around that's being used in preference to the chipKIT one. That's all AVR code that's spewing out there.

The library looks like it's at:


Delete it and all should be well again. Why do you even have a copy of an SPI library in there? SPI is always included with the cores, and there is never a need to download or install one of your own.


Wed, 17 Feb 2016 15:34:27 +0000

This libraries folder was copied by me from the previous installation of UECIDE version 0.8.7z36. I deleted the whole C:UECIDE folder to make sure nothing was left. And then proceeded to install UECIDE version 0.8.8alpha22. The reason this sub-folder was in C:UECIDE in the first place is because I copied the whole libraries folder from the other installation of MPIDE. I wanted to see all the MPIDE libraries in UECIDE.

Anyhow, now that I know what caused the problem I can correct the situation. My question now is: Should I delete the whole libraries folder on my D: drive ?


Wed, 17 Feb 2016 15:37:01 +0000

Only if it causes you problems. No point in deleting stuff that might be useful in the future, that's what I always say ;)